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Dental Unit

Dental Chair MKT-380W
1. White color, 9 chair position memories
2. Double armrest & multifunctional pedal switch
3. Modern Touch Button Doctor Control Panel integrated with 6 positions tool holder rod
4. Assistant control system
5. Luxury fully enclosed design LED reflective sensor light (2 color temperatures to choose)
6. 12mm European standard design steel chair frame
7. USB type central control system
8. 45 degree movable cabinet

Products Details


MKT-380W Dental Chair, economic but not simple, is committed to pursuing the perfect combination of practical operability for doctors in clinical treatment and comfort for patients.

Ergonomics design, delivers a flexible work experience


2 Years Warranty, Excellent Quality, Professional Service


• 6-hanger design that can be rotated 70 degree

• Touch button control panel with 9 memories patient's position

• One button Reset chair position after finishing treatment enables high work efficiency from dentists' daily work

• Multi-functional Assistant Tray allows assistant to control chair position, cuspidor flushing ,water heating and cup filling.

• Spit restoration enables the patient to return to the last position after spitting, better use experience for the patient

• Dimmable LED Operation Light is shadowless focus, flexible and easy to use

Exploded view:


Product Details:

Doctor Instrument Tray

• Modern large tray with 6 integrated instrument racks and 16-key multi-function doctor control panel


• Touch button control panel with 9 memories

patient's position


• One button Reset chair position after finishing treatment enables high work efficiency from dentists' daily work


• High-quality ABS material made a lifetime of more than 10 years using 


• Silicone pad on the panel can be removed and disinfected, convenient and hygienic 




Curved design headrest

More suitable for the curvature of the human head structure, offering patients more comfortable and at-ease treatment

Tempered glass tray

Convenient for doctors to place relevant treatment equipment or for patients to place personal items





Comprehensive Patient Chair

European&US standard design steel chair frame, aluminum middle joint cover make chair more stable


Durable microfiber leather cushion, soft, breathable


Skin-friendly touch and ultimate skin experience,

high-quality memory foam automatically shapes,

comfortably supporting the waist and neck


The stable and wide patient chair is designed ergonomically with lumbar support which comforts the patient especially when lying on it


Smooth movement for patient chair up and down, more relieved experience for patient


Integrated molding metal backrest provides safe support, don't hinder the doctor's legs and approach the patient freely


Solid chair bottom plate, thickness up to 14mm making it more stable


Synchronized movement for more comfortable for the patient when backrest lifting


The bearing capacity of the chair frame is greater than 250KG, Genuine Leather cushion is easy to clean and wear resistance, high resilience greatly improve patient's comfort

LED Operation Light

Luxury Fully Enclosed LED Reflective Sensor Light


Fine product manufacturing process and stable product quality make this lamp have the best market performance


Resin anti-freeze during the healing process, creating favorable conditions for the dentist to operate.


• 2 imported lamp bulbs

• 2 kinds of light mode, white light & yellow light

• 2 kinds of operating mode sensorial/manual

• 8-30K Lux Adjustable Brightness

• High color rendering, excellent and comfortable lighting effects

• 100,000 times life testing


3 years warranty







Main Side Box

The unit box incorporates concept of modern and simple design with advanced manufacturing technology, which makes every detail perfect

• Detachable side box cover

• Die- casting metal frame

• Integrated disassembly design

• Well-placed side box for the whole unit, a perfect combination

• Water/Air/Electric separate design

• Anti-electromagnetic interference junction box

• Rotatable dental unit cabinet box facilitates 4-hand operation and easy for maintenance

• The box is made of high-quality ABS plastic, thick and bright, it will not discolor after 8 to 10 years of use

Multi-function foot controller

Comfortable control: optimize the stepping control angle and feedback force, comfortable control, long-term stepping is not tiring

• Multifunctional design

• With a maximum load of 150Kgs

• Smoothly control lever

• Convenient lifting design

• Movement/cup filling/spittoon flushing/ chip blow/ water/air control



Intelligent USB interface control system


• Transmission stability and fast

• The transmission distance is far

• Strong anti-interference ability

•Plug convenient and tight

• Problems can be checked easily

More stable and durable than traditional systems

Optimized design layout

• Reasonable interior design and layout, the pipeline is arranged in an orderly manner



Our installation layout has undergone rigorous 

design and Assembly personnel undergo rigorous training, to guarantee dental chair quality.


• Wire arrangement is neat so problems can be checked easily if occur.


• We use Italian solenoid valves and USA import Air&Water tubes, which makes the chair using life much longer




Multi-function assistant control panel

Multi-function 7 keys control panel for efficient

operation, including Chair movement / Water heating / Cup water supply / Spittoon flushing

• 5 instrument racks design

• Equipped with water/air suction for convenient operation

• 90 degrees rotatable arm provides more imagination

• Large assistant shelf can be placed for other small treatment equipment

• Equipped Stainless steel Strong&Weak suction head

Ceramic cuspidor

• 180 degree rotary detachable ceramic cuspidor


Convenient for patient spitting, four-handed

operation and maintenance, disassembly cleaning and disinfection

• Wider, deeper, more hygienic and safer

Integrated bottle water


1 detachable air pressurized bottles 1000ml

(applicable for pure water supply and sterilization)




Doctor Stool

• Genuine Leather cushion with durable aluminum alloy bas, comfortable backrest and silent design for a better experience

• Easy to clean, wear resistance,

• High resilience greatly increases the fit force and improves the doctor's comfort for treatment


High speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing

2 pcs

Low speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing

1 pc

Water tank (air pressurized)

1 pc


2 pcs

Strong suction and saliva ejector(weak suction)

1 set

LED operating light

1 pc

24V Gear motor

2 pcs(2 up/down motor)

Cuspidor flush & Cup filler

1 set

Multifunctional Pedal

1 pc

Built in Film viewer 24V

1 pc

Dentist stool

1 pc


1 pc

Genuine Leather

1 set

Main tray

1 pc

Assistant tray

1 pc


• Input Voltage : AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz

• Water Pressure : 0.20-0.40Mpa/2.0-4.0bar

Air Pressure :0.5-0.80Mpa/5-8.0bar

Output : ≥55L/min (water vacuum)

              ≥55L/min (air vacuum)

• Weight : 250kg

Optional Parts:

1. Built-in air turbine high-speed handpiece

2. Built-in air turbine low-speed handpiece/ electric motor

3. Built-in LED curing light

4. Built-in Ultrasonic scaler

5. Endoscope system

6. Leather cushion

7. Central Suction system (If need connect to external vacuum system)

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